Intermediate Fasting Results – The Weight Loss Diet

Intermittent fasting has been recently spreading through the fitness world.  Although this diet is not a new fad, people are now looking at the diet because it seems like this is a diet that seems to work and bring results.  Not only does thousands of people swear by this diet but they show that intermediate fasting results are true with the before and after photos they share.  So what is intermediate fasting?

Intermediate fasting is when you would consume your meals in a “feeding” window (usually 8 hours) and then would fast for the rest (16 hours).  The fast window includes when you sleep.  So for example, someone that is using the 8:16 ratio would start their feeding window at 12pm, eat until 8pm, and then would fast till 12pm the next day.

Intermediate fasting has shown many great results in people who are strict with the diet timing.  It is a great weight loss diet but also has a number of other benefits.

Intermediate fasting benefits:

  • Fat Loss
  • Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Immune System Boost
  • Cellular Repair
  • Longevity

If you think about the way humans were eating for centuries, it would make sense that our bodies would react extremely positive to a diet like this.  Humans were hunters and gatherers.  They would catch or collect their meal, and then feast.  Wait until the next day and do it all over again.  They would only eat during certain windows of time due to catching or collecting their food, as well as daylight to be able to see.  Humans nowadays have the luxury of eating whenever they want (not to mention the decline in the quality of food).  As present day diets persist, you see the rise in obesity, diabetes, and diseases like cancer.

With intermediate fasting results being so realistic, it may be a diet you want to try.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this diet!