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  • Backed by our 100% Guarantee
  • 120 Softgels, 1000mg of Fish Oil, 600mg of EPA/DHA per Bottle
  • NO GMO Ingredients
  • Kosher Quality
  • Double Tested for Safety & Purity
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and cancer
  • Enhance brain function and joint recovery
  • Aid fat loss and improve muscle growth and strength gains
  • Lab tested to check quality, safety, and purity of product
  • Manufactured in a NSF GMP and FDA Certified facility. Focus Nutrition based in Denver, CO

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Fish Oil Pills

Focus Nutrition fish oil pills are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are important nutrients for the body.  This fish oil supplement (fish oil pills) has not fishy aftertaste and has been tested for heavy metals including mercury. In all fish oil capsules, each serving contains 300 mg of DHA/EPA.  Focus Nutrition only produces high quality fish oil, natural fish oil, and pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Fish Oil Supplement

Focus Nutrition’s fish oil supplement is tested for purity of each omega 3 fatty acid as well as safety.  Our lab wants to make sure that our fish oil supplement is not only pure, that is safe as well.

Fish Oil Capsules

Our fish oil capsules are manufactured in an FDA and GMP registered facility.  These fish oil capsules are made so that they are easy digestible and have no fish aftertaste.

High Quality Fish Oil

At Focus Nutrition, we believe in quality.  We only offer high quality fish oil because we believe that high quality fish oil is the only type of fish oil supplement that should be offered.

Natural Fish Oil

We consider our fish oil to be all natural fish oil because all of our ingredients are from natural sources.  Our natural fish oil has no other ingredients besides all natural.

Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

The potency of our fish oil is considered to be pharmaceutical grade fish oil.  It is pharmaceutical grade fish oil because in each seeing there is 600 mg of DHA/EPA.  This is a very concentrated dose of the omega 3 fatty acids.


Brain Function:The second largest effect that fish oil has is on several areas of brain function.Some research has shown it to be comparable to certain pharmaceutical-grade anti-depressants.Other studies have linked fish oil to enhanced memory function in animals, a reduction in ADHD symptoms, and it’s also being studied in conjunction with traditional therapies for uses in more complicated disorders, such as bipolar disorder.

Prevent Cardiovascular Disease:Research has shown fish-oil fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent and reverse a plethora of cardiovascular diseases.

Prevent Cancer:According to Taiwanese researchers, EPA and DHA are the major polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish oil that decrease the risk of cancer.”

Fat Loss & Muscle Building Effects:DHA/EPA directly influence specific processes in the body. They turn on genes that increase fat burning, and turn off genes that promote fat storage. The impact on normal inflammation may be one way that omega-3 fats influence muscle growth, more recent data suggests a direct increase in the activation of key molecules involved in the process of muscle protein synthesis

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